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"I worked with Dara Adler over the course of several years, before, during and after my first pregnancy.  What can I say?  Dara is simply amazing; always positive, inspirational, a great listener and a joy to be around.  We would regularly switch the work-out around and Dara incorporated different styles of exercise and mind-body balance and fitness.  I highly recommend Dara!"


Julia Carr



"Dara Adler is a trainer with few equals.  My whole life I struggled with my muscular physique,

trying to find the right balance of tone and length, specifically my arms. 

When my wedding and sleeveless gown was approaching I needed to try something different

despite years of training at high end gyms in NYC.  Through a weekly training regimen and

diet I was able to achieve inches, yes inches off my arms and tone all around.  This fine tuning

was achieved through her skilled techniques around focused form, reps and specific exercises

catered to my particular needs.  Now my whole family and friend group train with Dara from

physical injury to a Pilates class on Wednesdays.  Thank you Dara for perfect photos on my

most important day! "


Alexis Marano

Executive Director at John Alexander Consulting


"I started working out with Dara at a time when I was having quite a bit of physical pain as a result of poor posture and body alignment. I wasn't sure what to expect, because I had worked out with trainers in the past that weren't very helpful. Dara was different! Her background as a dancer enables her to really understand the body, movement, form... In a short amount of time, and with a lot of confidence boosting along the way, Dara helped me gain an understanding of my unique body and actually changed how I hold my frame and posture. I'd fully recommend her to anyone looking for a compassionate and knowledgeable trainer."


Vicky Kennedy Viola

VP of Education Strategy at Intellum

LinkedIn, Facebook



"In the year I worked with Dara before having to leave NY during the pandemic, she revolutionized my posture, weight, strength, balance, coordination and cardio fitness.  An absolute pleasure to work with, she quickly became a friend as well as a trainer, and her evaluation of what I needed as a training routine and insight into how to work with me were keys to getting me to the point she did.  It has stuck with me during the past year.  And I am very anxious to get back to work with her.  Dara is the proverbial Best."  


Michael Popkin

Dance Critic  and Renaissance Man


Alexis Marano and Hubby Justin.

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